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Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security

Dr. Chris Foreman


Assistant Professor 


KNOY 192 

Office Phone




Prior Appointments

University of Louisville Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Research Areas

Cyber-security of industrial control systems and critical infrastructure processes including: Power and energy systems, Water systems, Dams, Telehealth systems. Applications of intelligent methods such as expert systems, artificial neural networks, etc. to process validation, intrusion detection, authentication, and encryption. 

Key Areas

Power, energy, critical infrastructure, industry, process validation 

Notable Experience

Investigator on DHS funded contracts for the Dams Sector, Water Sector, and Telehealth Sector. 15 years experience in industrial control systems for power generation, transmission, distribution, as well as manufacturing and material handling. Various projects securing industrial processes. 

Notable Affiliations

Senior Member IEEE, Power and Energy Society 


Chris Foreman (Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering, University of Louisville, 2008) is a Senior Member of IEEE, the Power and Energy Society, and also holds both B.S. (1990) and M.Eng. (1996) degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Louisville. He is an Assistant Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology at Purdue University and previously, was a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Louisville. He teaches and performs research in industrial control systems and cyber-security, power generation, renewable energy systems, and intelligent power grids. He has worked as an engineer in the power generation industry as well as other process industries since 1993 for companies such as Westinghouse Process Control Division (Emerson), Cinergy (Duke Energy), and Alcoa Inc.