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Doctor of Philosophy, Iowa State University, Ames.1992.
Major: Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Minor: Electrical & Computer Engineering

Master of Business Administration, North Dakota State University, Fargo. 2012.
Master of Engineering, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand: 1986.

Bachelor of Engineering, Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology, India.1983.
Major: Agricultural Engineering (1st Rank: University Gold medalist) 

Research Areas

Intelligent decison support systems using artificial intelligent techniques including machine learning Innovative products/processes for social challenges in low resource settings via interdisciplinary team approach Smart sensors/sensing systems for automation, quality control, detection and diagnosis applications 


Dr. Suranjan Panigrahi, a professor in the department of Electrical and computer Engineering Technology, has 28 years of comprehensive experience in research, teaching, administration, and outreach. Dr. Panigrahi ‘s research focuses on the development of smart and intelligent system to prevent, detect and manage critical (safety,and wellness) issues in biological systems. He adopts a systems-based approach to develop novel sensor and sensing technology-based smart solutions real world applications. He has cross-disciplinary training and expertise in engineering, biological systems, sensors, electronics, information technologies and management (MBA).

He has successfully innovated multiple technologies for agricultural/ biological food applications. He is the lead inventor of 3 approved U.S. patents (related to field scale quality sensors). He is the author/co-authors of more than 180 technical papers, publications, book chapters including patents and software. His papers and scholarly contributions have 2250 citations with the h-index of 24 and the i10- index of 40. He and his research group were one of the early pioneers (from early 1990) in developing and adapting different forms of artificial intelligent tools and techniques (including expert system, machine learning or artificial neural network, computer vision and other intelligent tools) for a variety of agricultural, food and biological applications. He was the founder/director of an interdisciplinary research center “Bio-imaging and Sensing center” at North Dakota State University for 9 years. In mid-1990’s, Dr. Panigrahi created new field-scale non-destructive sensors to determine the quality of selected agricultural products (protein content of wheat, sugar content of sugar beets) during harvesting. This work resulted in three approved (U.S.A.) patents for Dr. Panigrahi (as the lead inventor) and his colleagues. The developed methods can be modified for sensing other quality parameters. These patents, first of its kind, were more than 15 years ahead of its time. Today, the developed technologies are a part of the sought-after solutions for the digital agriculture revolution. 

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