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Daniel Aliaga

 Daniel Aliaga


Associate Professor 




Office Phone

765 49-46010 


Univ North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Ph.D. in Computer Science 

Prior Appointments

Bell Labs, Member of Technical Staff 

Research Areas

computer graphics, computer vision, visualization 

Notable Experience

Visiting Professor at Department of Computer Science, ETH Zurich, July – November 2011; Visiting Professor at Chair for Information Architecture, Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich, January – November 2011. 

Notable Awards

Fulbright Scholar Award, 2018-2019
Awarded $65k in funds for attending University of Tokyo during sabbatical; however,
funds returned because performed sabbatical elsewhere.

Discovery Park Faculty Research Fellow (July 2013-June 2014):
Received $10k in funds and $25k to offset teaching requirements

Purdue University Diversity Award (2012)

OECD Fellowship Recipient (2011):
Received 10,000 euros (approximately $15,000) from Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development for “Designing and Visualizing Sustainable Interactions
between Agriculture and Urban Areas”.

Invited Member of Upsilon Pi Epsilon, International Honor Society for the Computer and
Information Disciplines (2010)

Purdue University Undergraduate Advising Award (2009)

Purdue University Engagement Award (2008) 


· Inverse Design of Urban Procedural Models, C. Vanegas, I. Garcia-Dorado, D. Aliaga, B. Benes, P. Waddell, ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), also SIGGRAPH Asia, 11 pages, 2012.

· Visualization-based Decision Tool for Urban Meteorological Modeling, D. Aliaga, C. Vanegas, M. Lei, D. Niyogi, Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design (EPB), 12 pages, 2012.

· Hiding a Second Appearance in a Physical Relief Surface, Y. Chao, D. Aliaga, Proceedings of Information Hiding Conference (IH), 15 pages, 2012.

· Tailored Displays to Compensate for Visual Aberrations, V. Pamplona, M. Oliveira, D. Aliaga, R. Raskar, ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), 12 pages, 2012.

· Fast High Resolution Appearance Editing using Superimposed Projections, D. Aliaga, Y. H. Yeung, A. Law, B. Sajadi, A. Majumder, ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), 12 pages, 2012.

· Procedural Generation of Parcels in Urban Modeling, C. Vanegas, T. Kelly, B. Weber, J. Halatsch, D. Aliaga, P. Mueller, Proceedings of EUROGRAPHICS (EG) (also Computer Graphics Forum, 31:2), 15 pages, 2012. 


Dr. Daniel G. Aliaga’s research is primarily in the area of 3D computer graphics but overlaps with computer vision and with visualization. He focuses on i) 3D urban modeling (creating novel 3D urban acquisition algorithms, forward and inverse procedural modeling, and integration with urban design and planning), ii) projector-camera systems (focusing on algorithms for spatially-augmented reality and for appearance editing of arbitrarily shaped and colored objects), and iii) 3D digital fabrication (creating novel methods for digital manufacturing that embed into a physical object information for genuinity detection, tamper detection, and multiple appearance generation). Dr. Aliaga has also performed research in 3D reconstruction, image-based rendering, rendering acceleration, and camera design and calibration. To date Prof. Aliaga has published over 80 peer reviewed publications and chaired and served on numerous ACM and IEEE conference and workshop committees, including being a member of more than 40 program committees, conference chair, papers chair, invited speaker, and invited panelist. In addition, Dr. Aliaga has served on several NSF panels, is on the editorial board of Graphical Models, and is a member of ACM SIGGRAPH. His research has been whole or partially funded by NSF, MTC, Microsoft Research, Google, and Adobe Inc.