Xiangyu Zhang

 Xiangyu  Zhang


Associate Professor of Computer Science 



LWSN 3154K 

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PhD, Computer Science, 2006
University of Arizona

MS, Computer Science, 2000
University of Sci. & Tech. of China

BS, Computer Science, 1998
University of Sci. & Tech. of China 

Research Areas

program profiling. In particular, he has designed efficient and effective dynamic slicing techniques which have a lot of applications in debugging runtime errors, intrusion detection, and preventing software piracy. He has designed architectural support for protecting sensitive data in symmetric shared memory processors. He has also conducted research on program tracing and profiling, which includes novel representations and creative compression techniques. Zhang is interested in program analysis, both dynamic and static, and their applications in software engineering and security related issues. 

Notable Affiliations

Zhang is a member of ACM and IEEE. 


X. Zhang, N. Gupta, and R. Gupta, "Pruning Dynamic Slices With Confidence", ACM SIGPLAN
Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation, 2006.

X. Zhang and R. Gupta, "Whole Execution Traces and their Applications", ACM Transactions on
Architecture and Code Optimization, 2005.

X. Zhang and R. Gupta, "Matching Execution Histories of Program Versions", Conference and 13th
ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering, 2005. 

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