Peter Bermel

 Peter Bermel


Associate Professor 


BRK 2270 

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BS, University of North Carolina, 2000
M.Phil., University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2002
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2007

Prior Appointments

Postdoctoral Associate Massachusetts Institute of Technology June 2007-May 2011
Research Scientist Massachusetts Institute of Technology June 2011-December 2011
Assistant Professor Purdue University January 2012-August 13,2017 

Research Areas

Several applications of nanophotonics, including photovoltaics, lighting, thermal physics, sources, detectors, and switches.  

Notable Awards

Winston Churchill Foundation Scholar 2000-2001
Compton Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2001-2003
NSF Graduate Research Fellow 2001-2004
NSF CAREER Awardee 2015-2020 

Notable Affiliations

Phi Beta Kappa 1999-present
Materials Research Society 2011-present
Optical Society of America 2013-present
Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers 2014-present
SPIE-International Society for Optical Engineering 2015-present 


DR. PETER BERMEL is an associate professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University. His research focuses on improving the performance of photovoltaic, thermophotovoltaic, and nonlinear systems using the principles of nanophotonics. Key enabling techniques for his work include electromagnetic and electronic theory, modeling, simulation, fabrication, and characterization. 

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