Yeni Li

 Yeni Li


Postdoctoral Research Associate 


FLEX Lab, 2041B 

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Postdoctoral Research Associate 


Hany S. Abdel-Khalik 


Nuclear Engineering 


Yeni Li received her Bachelor in Nuclear Engineering from Harbin Engineering University in 2014, and a Ph.D. degree in nuclear engineering from Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, in 2021. Her Ph.D. dissertation has produced a number of new algorithms serving as a toolkit in support of condition monitoring and cybersecurity. She has been a postdoctoral research assistant with the Nuclear Engineering Department, Purdue University since 2021. Her research primarily focuses on designing reduced-order models for industrial processes, condition monitoring of nuclear systems, physics-guided coverage mapping (PCM) methodology for model validation, and passive anomaly-detection techniques for nuclear reactor cybersecurity.

Research Areas
Condition monitoring, AI/ML developments and applications in the nuclear industry, Reduced-order modeling, Validation and uncertainty quantification.

Ph.D. (Nuclear Engineering), Purdue University, 2021

Key Areas
Feature Engineering

Prior Appointments
2021-Present Postdoctoral Researcher, School of Nuclear Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Notable Affiliations
Young member, American Nuclear Society

Li, Yeni, Arvind Sundaram, Hany S. Abdel-Khalik, and Paul W. Talbot. "Real-Time Monitoring for Detection of Adversarial Subtle Process Variations." Nuclear Science and Engineering 196, 5, 2022.

Li, Yeni, and Hany S. Abdel-Khalik. "Data trustworthiness signatures for nuclear reactor dynamics simulation." Progress in Nuclear Energy 133, 2021.

Li, Yeni, Hany S. Abdel-Khalik, Acacia J. Brunett, Elise Jennings, Travis Mui, and Rui Hu. "ROM-Based Surrogate Systems Modeling of EBR-II." Nuclear Science and Engineering 195, 5, 2021.

Li, Yeni, Elisa Bertino, and Hany S. Abdel-Khalik. "Effectiveness of model-based defenses for digitally controlled industrial systems: nuclear reactor case study." Nuclear Technology 206, 1, 2020 

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