End System Security

This area includes tools and methods for building software artifacts, servers, and networks that are resistant to attacks and failures. This includes research into vulnerability assessment and identification, programming languages and tools for secure programming, mobile code and "sandboxes," proof-carrying systems, trusted embedded systems, resilient server architectures, protection against malicious software, dynamic reconfiguration of systems, hardware architecture design, fault-tolerance, code tamperproofing, and penetration testing. Research into more secure operating systems and database systems falls in this area, as does research into better human-computer interfaces for security (HCI).

End System Security Projects

Binary Patch Verification

Principal Investigator: Aravind Machiry

Compilation Using Correct-by-Construction Program Synthesis

Principal Investigator: Benjamin Delaware

Migrating Enterprises to Hybrid Cloud Architectures

Principal Investigator: Sanjay Rao

New Frontiers in Fuzzing

Principal Investigator: Aravind Machiry

Trustworthy Data From Untrusted Services

Principal Investigator: Sunil Prabhakar

Zero Cost Spatial Memory Safety

Principal Investigator: Aravind Machiry