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Carnivore Review

Thu, March 22, 2001General

A group of senior security experts, including Steve Bellovin, Matt Blaze, David Farber, Peter Neumann, and CERIAS Director Gene Spafford have released comments on the recent IITRI review of the FBI’s Carnivore system. Their position paper concludes that the IITRI review is a reasonable first effort at review, but that several critical issues are left unresolved. More details are available in the full report.

CERIAS Security Seminar

Tue, March 20, 2001General

One of the many extension programs that CERIAS offers is a weekly security seminar that is both free and open to the public. If you are interested in attending or presenting in this forum, see the online logistics for more information or contact the director of the center.

eCommerce Attacks More Popular

Tue, March 20, 2001General

The National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) released an advisory on December 1st in response to an increased number of attacks on eCommerce websites running Windows NT and Internet Information Server. If you maintain machines running IIS then you should read the NIPC article.

CERIAS Director Named in USAToday

Tue, March 20, 2001General

Eugene Spafford, the director of CERIAS, has been named as one of USAToday’s People To Watch 2001 in the December 27th edition. His unbiased viewpoint and relationships with government, industry and academia were cited as contributing reasons for the honor.

Workshop on Data Mining for Security Applications

Tue, March 20, 2001General

Held as part of the 8th ACM Conference on Computer Security (CCS 2001) a special half-day workshop on data mining for security applications is being offered on November 8th, 2001. This event provides an opportunity for attendees of the ACM CCS to meet with researchers who are interested in applying data mining techniques to security applications and discuss critical issues of mutual interest during a concentrated period. For more information see the ACM CCS website.

NISSC Will No Longer be Held

Tue, March 20, 2001General

The National Computer Security Center (NCSC) and the National Institue of Standards and Technology (NIST) are no longer sponsoring their annual systems security conference according to this press release.