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About K-12 Outreach

This section describes the K-12 outreach program’s mission, goals, and background. This section also contains information about the people associated with the K-12 outreach program.

Resources for Parents & Administrators

This section contains a series of articles for parents that can be distributed through schools, an announcement series for principals, and a self-instructional document titled “Teaching Your Children to use the Internet Safely and Responsibly.”

Resources for Teachers

Here you will find ready-made lesson plans and other materials you can use to integrate information security into your existing curriculum.

Resources for Technology Coordinators

This section describes projects and resources CERIAS has developed to aid schools in assessing and improving their own information security practices.

K-12 Outreach Overview

Whitepaper: the CERIAS K-12 Outreach Program - An Overview

K-12 Program Packet

A detailed description of the CERIAS K-12 Outreach Program
Download (154 pages)

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