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NOTE: The information on this page is available for historical purposes.

Keeping Information Safe: Practices in K-12 Schools

With support from the Indiana Higher Education Telecommunications System (IHETS), CERIAS has developed a comprehensive set of end-user training modules designed specifically for K-12 educators and support staff who operate computers as end-users and/or handle sensitive and confidential information. The modules, collectively titled “Keeping Information Safe: Practices in K-12 Schools,” are available now.

Privacy Workshop for Educators

In the spring semester of 2006, CERIAS faculty and students, in conjunction with the Wabash Valley Educational Service Center, conducted a pilot program to increase awareness and practice in the area of K-12 privacy protection. The following materials were used as part of that effort. For more information about these materials or the workshop, please contact Professor Melissa Dark at

Workshops for the K-12 Technology Coordinator

This series of four full-day workshops are based upon best practices in information security management. The workshops have been rigorously pilot-tested and refined at the Wabash Valley Education Center (WVEC), and have been conducted at other Indiana service centers. Topics include information security basics, risk analysis, legal issues and regulations, creating & auditing school security practices, and building an awareness and training program.

School Vulnerability Assessments

InfoTex, an information technology consultancy and a sponsor of CERIAS, has provided five pro bono vulnerability assessments to a group of participating schools. The results of these assessments will serve several purposes:

  1. Increase the security of participating schools’ information systems by providing a detailed report of existing vulnerabilities as well as future suggestions for network design and configuration. Download the report
  2. Provide accurate, anonymized, scalable data on the state of information security in K-12 schools.

Ongoing Risk Assessments

CERIAS, through the College of Technology, periodically offers a graduate-level course in which students conduct risk assessments for local schools. We have interacted with over 10 schools thus far. If you are interested in a risk assessment of your school’s information technology environment, please contact Lori Floyd at

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