Integration of Information Security into K-12 Standards & Curriculum

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There is an alarming shortage of information security and information technology professionals in the state of Indiana and nationwide. In addition, as computer use continues to grow, children without a basic knowledge of information security issues can set themselves up to become victims ­ and perpetrators ­ of very serious and dangerous crimes.

At CERIAS, we believe that the solution to these problems begins early. Integrating information security lesson plans into the K-12 curriculum and aligning them with state and national standards will help alleviate the shortage by increasing the skills of the entire future workforce; likewise, it will promote cross-curricular studies and real-world problem-solving. Integrating security topics into the curriculum will also help address issues of online safety, critical literacy, and transfer of ethical behavior to the online environment. Integration of Information Security Resources

  • K-5 Information Security Curriculum
    We have designed a series of activities designed specifically for students in grades K-5. Concerned with subjects such as ethics, password creating and usage, and instant messaging, these materials are aligned with standards found in the current Indiana curriculum requirements for grades K-5. CERIAS staff members, experienced in K-12 education and information security issues, are available to help facilitate the lessons or to work with groups of teachers on strategies for implementing the lessons. For more information, please email us at

  • Middle School Information Security
    Two surveys concerned with information security literacy were given to almost 500 middle and 9th grade students in three schools in Indiana-two rural middle schools and one urban high school. The results of this survey led to the creation of lessons and activities geared toward the needs of middle school students. The lesson plans and materials, “Your Guide to Safe Surfing: Learning about the Internet” is aligned with state and national science, math, history, technology, and language arts standards.

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