ID Theft Resource


CNET has published an excellent resource for protecting oneself from identity theft.  The site includes an ID theft FAQ with many good tips, a roundtable debate, and a few little multimedia gems.

One of my favorite pieces is the pie graph in the sidebar that illustrates risks to ID theft.  The most prevalent risks still come from offline.

I gave an ID Theft talk several months ago, and the audience was looking for any way to protect themselves online, to the point of absurdity.  But when I suggested that they cut down on all the stuff they carry in their wallets and/or purses, they nearly revolted: “What if I need to do XYZ and don’t have my ID/credit card/library card/customer card/social security card/insurance card/etc.?”

To me, this illustrates that we have a long way to go in educating users about risks. It also illustrates that we need to push back from all the noise created in the infotainment industries, who are perpetuating the online myth and ignoring the brick-and-mortar threats.



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