Secure Video Stream Framework for Dynamic and Anonymous Subscriber Groups

Principal Investigator: Xukai Zou

Secure video content distribution is a key aspect in the deployment of Telepresence Services and Video on Demand, two critical applications for the ecosystem targeted by Cisco products. Efficient mechanisms and systems need to be developed to guarantee confidentiality and controlled access to a broad range of broadcast video streams. At the same time, an effective framework for secure video content distribution should also guarantee subscribers’ privileges to access video streams matching their respective subscription and on-demand requirements.

In this project, we will build, by employing an innovative approach called Access Control Polynomial (ACP), a Secure Video Stream Framework for dynamic and anonymous subscriber groups. The framework will effectively address the underlying challenges of secure video stream broadcasting and guaranteed access, anonymity, dynamicity, granularity, and scalability.


Students: Yan Sui Kai Wang Tuo Lu

Representative Publications

  • Y. Sui, F. Maino, Y. Guo, K. Wang, and X. Zou, An Efficient Time-bound Access Control Scheme for Dynamic Access Hierarchy, The Fifth International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor  Networks (MSN'09) 14-16 December 2009, Wu Yi Mountain, China (Accepted).

  • K. Wang, X. Zou, and Y. Sui, A Multiple Secret Sharing Scheme based on Matrix Projection,  COMPSAC’09, Seattle, WA, USA, July 20 –24, 2009, pp. 400-405.

Keywords: access control, broadcast video streams, distribution, secure video content, subscriber

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