Assured Identity and Privacy

There is a tension between increased confidence and granularity of authorization provided by better identification of on-line entities, and with the need to protect the privacy rights of individuals and organizations. This area includes research in role-based access control (RBAC), biometrics, pervasive surveillance (“Panoptic Effects”), privacy-protecting transformations of data, privacy-protecting data mining methods, privacy regulation (e.g., HIPAA and COPPA), oblivious multiparty computation, and trusted proxy research.

Assured Identity and Privacy Projects

Assured Cloud-based Big Data Analysis

Principal Investigator: Patrick Eugster

Formal Privacy for Multi-stage Probability Samples

Principal Investigator: Chris Clifton

in-toto: securing the software supply chain

Principal Investigator: Santiago Torres-Arias

Post-Mortem Biometrics

Principal Investigator: Stephen Elliott

Privacy – Preserving Data Dissemination in Untrusted Cloud

Principal Investigator: Bharat Bhargava

Privacy-Preserving Data Publishing

Principal Investigator: Ninghui Li

Rethinking Erasure Codes for Cloud Storage

Principal Investigator: Vaneet Aggarwal

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