Evaluation of Face Recognition for Law Enforcement: Book-In Photo Acquisition and Surveillance Camera Placement

Principal Investigator: Stephen Elliott

The purpose of our research is to determine the best way possible to provide quality facial recognition to local gas stations and local law authorities. Currently, many gas stations do not have their surveillance cameras in optimal positions for local law enforcement to accurately identify persons of interest Our goal was to assist in this process by conducting trials using our own faces and cameras. Within these trials, we were able to determine what positioning would be optimal for image quality, as well as testing the difference of light and distance that would also affect image quality scoring. The research was conducted at a local Marathon in West Lafayette, IN.


Other PIs: Kevin O'Connor

Students: Holbrook Hankinson Filippo Lippi Deidra Wynn Yuyuan Liu Andres Rosas-Vargas

Keywords: biometrics, face recognition, identification, law enforcement