Learning with the CERIAS Edge

At CERIAS, we understand the vital importance of information assurance and security to an organization. We know what's important. And we know what's not. Organizations need to confront security issues in an informed and proactive manner-CERIAS Learning products allow organizations to do just that by providing general and specific education and training to enable employees and organizations to improve the security of the systems they use and manage.

Learning Advantages

Today's learners need to feel supported and have control of their learning. They need to be inspired. In the world of information security, technology may change, but human beings-and the learning experience-remain the same. At CERIAS, we understand that everyone does not learn the same way-and that each learner has a preferred learning style. That's why our learning products range from traditional print materials to high-quality videos and self-paced multimedia with multiple paths and multiple representations that allow for multiple methods of learning.

Being able to perform a skill successfully and being able to understand why the skill is performed are two different, yet equally important, educational goals. CERIAS Learning products offer opportunities for both. Beginning with a strong overview of security fundamentals, CERIAS Learning products branch out into specific areas of policy, awareness, and technology, balancing a straightforward and easy-to-understand presentation of IS theory with hands on skill application.

Product Information

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Please note that products P3, P4, P9, P10, P11, and P12 have been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Specific course information:

Screenshot from ModuleP1. Information Security Management Concepts
Information Security Management Concepts provides an overview of the key concepts and goals of information security and how information security relates to an organization's information and technology assets. This interactive, self-paced module uses video, audio, text, case studies, practice exercises, and quizzes to promote and guide learning and understanding.
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Image of Speaker in VideoP2. Information Security Principles: An Overview
Featuring authoritative experts in information security and assurance, this video provides a concise summery of the current state of information security, starting with an overview of goals, concepts, and terms, and ending with procedures that will help you reduce risks to your organization. Anyone involved with the use or management of computer or information systems will benefit from this video.
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NCMS ScreenshotP5-P8. Information Security Management Series
This series is intended for managers and administrators concerned with intellectual property, corporate assets, infrastructure, and information assurance. This series will provide you with a current look at the information assurance landscape including intellectual property crime, threats to your information assets, vulnerabilities in information systems, and countermeasures to strengthen information assurance and security in your organization.