An Awareness Video Featuring Leaders in Information Security

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Video Runtime: 19 Minutes
Cost: $249.95 (Bulk Purchasing and Educational Discounts Available)

The Problem

The Information Security Landscape is constantly changing. The number of users harnessing the power of information technology has grown exponentially in the past few decades.

An important first hurdle to overcome for any business manager, small business owner, or any other professional who uses information systems involves understanding the importance of information security in the context of their organization. Today, a business professional must be able to speak the language of security, understand the major goals of a security program, and understand the underlying concepts and terms associated with the profession.

The Solution

Information Security Principles: An Overview
Featuring authoritative experts in information security and assurance, this nineteen minute video provides a summary of the current state of information security, starting with an overview of goals, concepts, and terms, and ending with general procedures that will help organizations alleviate risk.

Who Should Watch this Video
Anyone involved in the use or management of computer or information systems needs to see this educational video. Particularly, managers, supervisors, small business owners, and IT personnel who would like to understand the overall landscape of information security will be interested in this video.

What the Video will Cover
The video addresses common questions about information security, such as:

  • What is the value of information and what is involved in maintaining its value?
  • What is information security, why is it important, and who should care about it?
  • What are the goals of information security and how do they apply to a particular organization?
  • What are general strategies used in information security?
  • What steps can be taken to advance awareness and knowledge of information security?
  • What is an Information Assessment Program and how is it implemented?

  • Mikhail Atallah, Computer Science Professor, Purdue University
  • Melissa Christlieb, CPA, Girardot, Strauch, & Co.
  • Dave Ehinger, Security Expert, Rolls Royce America; President, Indianapolis Chapter of InfraGard
  • Kevin Hanni, Business Consultant, Katz, Sapper,& Miller
  • Eugene Spafford, Computer Science Professor, Purdue University; Director, CERIAS
  • Phonda Tamulonis, Security Expert, eSmart Corporation

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