The Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS)

The Center for Education and Research in
Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS)

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CERIAS Expert Explains the Effect of the Log4J Vulnerability

Fri, January 07, 2022

Prof. Santiago Torres-Arias explains the latest vulnerability that affects millions of computers.

Podcast: BBC The Hackers - The Worm

Tue, December 14, 2021General

In 1988, the first major computer worm shook the early internet to his core, disabling computers across the network and even causing panic in the Pentagon. Biella uncovers the story with Eugene Spafford, the first person to analyse the worm that caused so much chaos, and finds out why worms can still be so devastating decades later.

Device Information can be Too Much of a Good Thing for Law Enforcement Investigation

Mon, October 11, 2021General

Umit Karabiyik, an assistant professor in computer and information technology in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, is focused on that data – called forensic intelligence – to give law enforcement at all levels of the investigation the means to receive and handle potentially terabytes of such data.

Purdue Researchers Create ‘Self-Aware’ Algorithm to Ward off Hacking Attempts

Fri, October 08, 2021

Equipping computer models with “covert cognizance” could protect electric grids, manufacturing facilities and nuclear power plants from hackers, says Hany Abdel-Khalik, a Purdue associate professor of nuclear engineering.

Marlene G. Walls (1951-2021)

Thu, September 30, 2021

Another Giant Falls

Tue, September 28, 2021