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Interview with Spaf at S4x23

Mon, April 10, 2023General

Serious CERIAS Recognition

Serious CERIAS Recognition

Thu, March 30, 2023General

IEEE Spectrum: Spafford has been Fighting Cybersecurity Threats for Decades

Thu, February 16, 2023General

During Eugene H. Spafford’s more than three decades as professor of computer sciences at Purdue University, in West Lafayette, Ind., he has made groundbreaking contributions to computer and network security. A member of the Cyber Security Hall of Fame, he is considered one of the most influential leaders in information security.

Malicious Compliance: A story

Fri, February 03, 2023General

Three podcasts with Spaf

Thu, December 15, 2022General

Spaf Interviewed About His New Book

Spaf Interviewed About His New Book

Tue, December 13, 2022General

Scammers Target ‘Giving Tuesday’: Here’s How to Avoid Getting Scammed

Tue, November 29, 2022General

“A legitimate charity, one that is a nonprofit, that you can give a donation that’s tax deductible, will normally display what’s called an EIN, an employment identification number, somewhere on their website,” said Eugene Spafford, a cybersecurity expert at Purdue University.