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Cybersecurity Seen as DoD Priority Under Carter

Fri, December 05, 2014CERIAS Media Citings

Though not schooled in IT and IT security, cyber is an area of interest for Carter in which he has been involved in for many years. “He knows enough about [cyber] that he likely knows when he should call on domain experts for more information, something not all of our national leaders have done,” says Gene Spafford, founder and executive director of the Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security at Purdue University.

CERTs, Security Patches And Sloppy Design

Wed, June 25, 2014CERIAS Media Citings

When will we reach the tipping point? Spafford has this to offer, “If we keep patching, the system will collapse under the weight of all those patches.”

RSA 2014: The Benefits of an Intelligence-driven Security Strategy

Thu, April 10, 2014CERIAS Media Citings

At the RSA 2014 Conference in San Francisco in February, Spafford sat down with SearchCompliance editor Ben Cole to discuss the current state of cybersecurity threats and how companies can benefit from an intelligence-driven security strategy.

Why Recruiting Women is a Challenge

Tue, April 01, 2014CERIAS Media Citings

As with other computer science fields, the information security space lacks female executives. And Eugene Spafford says there are several big reasons why women remain a minority in the sector.

95 percent of U.S. ATMs run on Windows XP (

Thu, March 20, 2014CERIAS Media Citings

“Therefore, anybody running an XP system could fall prey to someone who is trying to exercise one of those vulnerabilities,” says Eugene Spafford, executive director of The Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security at Purdue University. He says XP users had more than six years to prepare for the end, but not everyone has been proactive.

Security Professionals: Time to Step Up

Mon, March 03, 2014CERIAS Media Citings

In an interview conducted at RSA 2014, Professor Spafford discusses:

The dangerous intersection of information security and government;
The plight of women entering IT security;
How to grow the profession.

Purdue Experts Part Of Electric Grid Cyberattack Drill

Wed, November 13, 2013CERIAS Media Citings

Marc Rogers, director of Purdue’s Cyberforensics Lab and CERIAS Fellow, says the drill will recreate everything from a partial shutdown of electricity across North America to a virtual blackout affecting all of the U-S, Canada, and Mexico. “They will look at how vulnerable (the grid is) or what the weaknesses are, how would these things be identified; could they be identified in time; once they were identified and once there were bad things happening to the grid, how would the grid recover, and how long it would take to recover,” said Rogers.

Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, Second Afternoon Hearing

Tue, November 05, 2013CERIAS Media Citings

Prof. Spafford participated as a panelist on the Privacy & Civil Liberties Oversight Board hearing. The topic was potential reform of the laws that govern NSA domestic surveillance.

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