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Welcome to the CERIAS K-12 Outreach Website. CERIAS has been conducting K-12 Outreach in the Midwest since 1998, and continues to serve as a major resource for the international community.

Mission & Goals

The CERIAS K-12 Outreach Program mission is three-fold: to increase the security of K-12 information systems, integrate information security as a cross-curricular subject into the K-12 curriculum, and to raise parent and community awareness of information security issues through K-12 schools. Building upon existing work, the program will continue to grow and fulfill its mission through collaboration with K-12 schools in the state of Indiana, outreach entities on the Purdue University campus and nationwide, Indiana Service Centers, and CERIAS sponsors.

Research and Scholarship

CERIAS faculty and staff have been actively engaged in studying the issues, problems, and relationships associated with information security and K-12 schools. Specifically, we have done extensive work exploring the perceptions and practices of teachers in regards to information security.

People formerly associated with the K-12 program

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