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Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security

Frequently Asked Questions - About CERIAS


Q: How do I reach CERIAS staff?
A: The CERIAS People pages list all staff and students and their contact information.

All Purdue telephone numbers begin with the prefix ""49-"". If you are calling a Purdue number from a campus phone, you need to dial only the last five digits. If you are calling outside Purdue from a campus phone, dial 7, then the complete number. For making long distance calls, consult the Purdue telephone directory.

Q: Where is CERIAS located?
A: CERIAS is housed in Recitation Hall (REC). See the map on the CERIAS travel information page for clarification.

Q: Does CERIAS ever partner with other organizations to offer educational workshops, conferences, etc?
A: Yes. We have partnered with professional organizations/associations, other colleges and universities, as well as businesses. To discuss this further, contact Dr. Melissa Dark, Assistant Director for Educational Programs at dark@cerias.purdue.edu.

Q: How is CERIAS different from COAST?
A: COAST was a laboratory within a single department, with some collaboration with faculty in another department. CERIAS is a university-wide Center that exists outside of any single department or college. It includes resources and staff from many of the different departments across campus. A Center is also administered differently than a Laboratory at Purdue. A laboratory is run by an individual faculty member, according to rules and customs of the individual department where the laboratory is located. A Center is administered by a director who reports to a board of senior University administrators, and ultimately, the Vice President of Research for the University.

Q: How can I get more information on CERIAS?
A: Send email to General Information Request, or call or write to:

656 Oval Drive
West Lafayette IN 47907-2086
(765) 494-7841
(765) 496-3181 (fax)

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