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Frequently Asked Questions - Working/Studying at CERIAS


Q: Can I use the CERIAS Library?  What are the procedures?
A: We are operating the CERIAS library, REC 218 on the honor system. If you would like to check out books or materials please see Marlene in REC 216 or a student worker in REC 217C. Photocopy the title page, sign and date it. Hand this to Marlene Walls or a student worker to record the checkout in the online database. Checked materials may not be taken out of Recitation. If you do not have a REC office or locker, please use the materials in the library.

To see an online listing of books available from the CERIAS library or Spaf's library, go to the library web page. Only the Books and Spaf's Office (Library) are current. The link to Periodicals will be updated in the near future, and the other links have been replaced by the Bibtex Archive.

The Papers Cabinet in the Commons was created for students and consists of papers that others found useful and have contributed for others to share. It also contains copies of CERIAS Tech reports and is searchable using Bibtex Archive. See Marlene if you want to make a personal copy of one of these papers or if you wish to contribute to this collection.

Q: Who do I contact to reserve the Library or Conference Room?
A: The secretary/receptionist oversees the reservation of the Library and Conference Room. Please check with her if you want to reserve one of the rooms. The schedule is printed each week and tacked up over the printer in the reception area. Please make a reservation before using either room and check the schedule before using either room.

Q: Where do I find the copy machine/fax machine?
A: Copy Machine: If you are a staff member, you will be assigned a code so that you can use the copy machine that is located in the hallway of the reception area in REC 217. See the secretary for your code number. If you are a student, personal copying must be done in one of Purdue's libraries. You will need to purchase a copy card from the library to use the library copy machines.

Fax Machine: The CERIAS fax machine is for business use. If you have a local fax to send, see the Account Clerk or the secretary/receptionist in REC 217. If it is a long-distance fax, you must bring a calling card with you in order to send the fax.

Paper or cartridges for printers and copiers: Paper is located beneath each copier and/or printer. If you notice the paper or toner is low, contact the secretary/receptionist in REC 217.

Q: Who do I contact to make an appointment to see Spaf?
A: Marlene Walls REC 216

Q: Who do I contact about having my name added to the CERIAS resume book for sponsor?
A: Jerry Haan (REC 216A)

Q: Who do I see about working at CERIAS on a project?
A: Joel Rasmus REC 216B

Q: To whom do I report problems with my office, the restrooms or the building?
A: The secretary/receptionist in REC 217

Q: Who do I contact regarding paperwork if I am hired by CERIAS? Who takes care of payroll and timecards?
A: Debbie Frantz is the CERIAS account clerk and she handles Paperwork regarding hiring, reimbursements, Form 17 travel form, payroll dates, timesheets, reimbursement requests, etc. She also orders supplies for the center.

Q: Who do I see for keys, acquiring a locker or office?
A: The secretary/receptionist in REC 217

Q: Who handles Lost and Found?
A: The secretary/receptionist in REC 217

Q: Who do I see about problems with the vending machines?
A: The secretary/receptionist in REC 217 can refund money that is lost in the vending machines.

Q: Who takes care of the CERIAS mail?
A: The secretary/receptionist in REC 217

Q: Who do I see to get a computer account?
A: For CERIAS accounts:
See Adam Hammer or Ed Cates for computer accounts. If you have internet access, please fill out the Account Application Form which can be located at http://wreq.cerias.purdue.edu/

For Purdue accounts:
for more information visit: http://admin2.soe.purdue.edu/support/ :

  1. You need a Purdue ID card (plastic card with a magnetic strip) to activate your career account. You can get one at the BoilerExpress/ID Office in the Purdue Memorial Union, Room 130 (see information below), once your have a card you can go to any ITaP computer lab and swipe the card in a keyboard to begin the career account activation process.
  2. About Purdue Career Accounts -- You need one of these to use the Purdue computer labs, WebCT, off-campus modem pool, and many other Purdue resources that require an ID and password. You can now use up to 500 MB of disk space for web pages and files.
  3. Purdue Mailhome Email Account -- contact us for help setting up your Purdue email account so you can start reading email ASAP. Be sure to set up your career account first.

Q: Where can students locate general information regarding life at Purdue, registration, parking, etc.?
A: Purdue ID and Photograph: All faculty, staff and students should acquire Purdue Identification as soon as possible. Go to Room 130, Purdue Memorial Union. You will need proof of the fact that you are a student or faculty/staff and a separate picture ID such as your driver's license.

Parking: Staff may purchase a parking permit from the Visitor's Information Center. You will need a signed form 19 which you can acquire from the account clerk. Parking permits are available as A or B permits. Payment can be deducted directly from your pay check over the course of the year if you so choose. A permits allow you park in the garages; B permits are all surface lot parking which is available across campus.

Students who live at least 1.5 miles from campus are allowed to purchase a ""C"" lot permit. This sticker allows you to park in C surface areas, but no garages. Shuttles and city buses pick up riders from the lot at Stadium and the lot at South intramural and Nimitz streets.

Buses: All students and staff may ride the Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation busses at no cost. You need to show your Purdue ID in order to ride at no cost.

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