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Cyber Security Hall of Fame 2019 Inductees

March Sadness

The RSA 2019 Conference

A Common Theme

Things are not getting better

Cybersecurity Hall of Fame Nominations Open Again!

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How far do warrants reach in “The Cloud”?

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A Blast from the Past

Purdue CERIAS Researchers Find Vulnerability in Google Protocol

Time passes, and we lose friends

Another Surprise for Spaf

It Was A Good Monday

Passing of a Cyber Securty Pioneer

Changes for CERIAS…and Spaf

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Another year, another RSAC

A looming anniversary, and a special offer

Cyber Security in Stasis

Privacy, Surveillance, Freedom of Expression, and Purdue University

Why I Don’t Attend Cons

Proposed Changes in Export Control

Déjà Vu All Over Again: The Attack on Encryption

Teaching Information Security

Short, Random Thought on Testing

Two Items of interest

Time Critical—Purdue Day of Giving

Initial Thoughts on the RSA 2015 Conference

Buy a book for entertainment and for charity

CERIAS 2015 Symposium Now Online!

What is wrong with all of you? Reflections on nude pictures, victim shaming, and cyber security

Videos from the 15th Annual CERIAS Symposium

Update on “Patching is Not Security”

Why We Don’t Have Secure Systems Yet, Introduction

Patching is Not Security

In Memorium: Wyatt Starnes

A Special Opportunity to Support CERIAS

Thoughts on the RSA Conference, Boycotts, and Babes

Telling the Future, Looking at the Past: A Few Short Items

If you are bored or morbidly curious…

You’re invited!

Another Loss in the Community

We’re Out of Balance

The Passing of A Pioneer

Thoughts—Some Random, Some Structured

Happy Anniversary—Bang My Head Against A Wall

A Valuable Resource for Young People (limited time offer)

Just sayin

Opticks and a Treatise on the PRISM Surveillance Program (Guest Blog)

Schrodinger’s Catnip: A Review of the NSA Phone Surveillance Program (Guest Blog)

On Competitions and Competence

Some thoughts on “cybersecurity” professionalization and education

On Student Projects, Phoenix, and Improving Your IT Operations

An Interesting Opportunity

Gene Schultz, R. I. P.

More than passive defense

Bullies, Pirates and Lulz

U.S. Memorial Day Thoughts on Cyber War

Sony, Congress, The Media and Me

A Cautionary Incident

A Recent Interview, and other info

Centers of ... Adequacy, Revisited

Own Your Own Space

“Game Change” Request for comments

Having an Impact on Cybersecurity Education

Blast from the Past

An old canard reappears (sort of)

Are We All Aware Yet?

What About the Other 11 Months?

Odds & Ends

Still no sign of land

More customer disservice—This time, Facebook

A Quick Note about Cloud Computing

Other cybersecurity legislation in the U.S.

Cybersecurity Legislation

The ACM Banquet

A Cynic’s Take on Cyber Czars and 60-day Reports

Solving the Wrong Problems

Cyber security challenges and windmills

This time, the Senate

Do we need a new Internet?

Unsecured Economies, and Overly-secured Reports

A Modest Proposal

Customer (dis)service

E-voting rears its head. Again.

Follow-up on the CA Hack

A Serious Threat to Online Trust

Word documents being used in new attacks

Rethinking computing insanity, practice and research

Failures in the Supply Chain

Presidential Politics

Barack Obama, National Security and Me, Take II

Take 5 Minutes to Help Privacy Research!

Centers of Academic .... Adequacy

Who ya gonna call?

Security Through Obscurity