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PHPSecInfo talk at OSCON 2008

OSCON 2006: Energizing the Industry

If you’re at OSCON, and you love security, you may or may not enjoy my talk on PHPSecInfo, a security auditing tool for the PHP environment. I’m actually going to try to show some new code, so if you’ve seen it before, you can see it again – for the first time.

The talk is at 1:45pm Thursday, 07/24/2008.

PHPSecInfo v0.2 now available

PHPSecInfo Screenshot PHPSecInfo Screenshot

The newest version of PHPSecInfo, version 0.2, is now available.  Here are the major changes:

  • Added link to “more info” in output.  These lead to pages on the site giving more details on the test and what to do if you have a problem
  • Modified CSS to improve readability and avoid license issue with PHP (the old CSS was derived from the output of phpinfo())
  • New test: PhpSecInfo_Test_Session_Save_Path
  • Added display of “current” and “recommended” settings in test result output
  • Various minor changes and bug fixes; see the CHANGELOG for details

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