Agricultural Robotic Systems for Greenhouses

Research Areas: Cyber-Physical Systems

Principal Investigator: Shimon Nof

Food security is an important challenge for society, especially in the face of climate change and increasing world population. The food security challenge is addressed by this project, which aims to develop the collaborative design and control principles and methodologies for agricultural robotic systems (ARS) for greenhouses. The ARS is designed to monitor, detect, and respond to different types of plant stresses to ensure reliable quality and productivity. This cyber-physical system involves various types of agents: human farmer experts, agricultural autonomous robots, and environmental sensors. These agents must collaborate in order to overcome the unstructured and everchanging environment of agricultural products.


Students: Maitreya Sreeram, Puwadol (Oak) Dusadeerungsikul, Win Nguyen

Representative Publications

  • Guo, Ping, Puwadol Oak Dusadeerungsikul, and Shimon Y. Nof. "Agricultural cyber physical system collaboration for greenhouse stress management." Computers and electronics in agriculture 150 (2018): 439-454.

  • Dusadeerungsikul, Puwadol Oak, Shimon Y. Nof, Avital Bechar, and Yang Tao. "Collaborative Control Protocol for Agricultural Cyber-Physical System." Procedia Manufacturing, ICPR-25, Chicago, IL August 2019.

  • Dusadeerungsikul, Puwadol Oak, and Shimon Y. Nof. "A collaborative control protocol for agricultural robot routing with online adaptation." Computers & Industrial Engineering (2019).

Keywords: agricultural robots, disease monitoring and detection, food security

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