Decentralized Anonymous Credentials from Blockchains

Principal Investigator: Christina Garman

Anonymous credentials provide a powerful tool for making assertions about identity while maintaining privacy. However, a limitation of today’s anonymous credential systems is the need for a trusted credential issuer — which is both a single point of failure and a target for compromise. Furthermore, the need for such a trusted issuer can make it challenging to deploy credential systems in practice, particularly in the ad hoc network setting (e.g., anonymous peer-to-peer networks) where no single party can be trusted with this responsibility.

This work will explore expanding on prior work in decentralized anonymous credentials, where, using a decentralized ledger (like a blockchain) and standard cryptographic primitives, we built an anonymous credentials system that allows users to make flexible identity assertions with strong privacy guarantees.  We will also explore various applications of these credentials, including Tor.


Students: Alex Seto Patrick Cunningham

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