Algorithms for Persistent Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance by Mobile Platforms

Principal Investigator: Shreyas Sundaram

This project focuses on developing scalable algorithms for enabling teams of mobile agents (e.g., UAVs) to cooperatively perform intelligence gathering, surveillance, and reconnaissance tasks.  In conjunction with researchers from the Air Force Research Laboratory, we have developed algorithms to enable UAVs to locate and capture a target moving on a road network, using only information available from Unattended Ground Sensors (UGSs) placed on the road.  We are currently working with researchers from Sandia National Laboratories to develop distributed algorithms to enable teams of UAVs to cooperatively monitor and estimate the state of a dynamical process (e.g., a gas spreading over a battlefield), despite the presence of misinformation or hijacked UAVs that behave maliciously.  The project will also develop new algorithms for task allocation in heterogeneous teams of mobile agents.


Other PIs: Saurabh Bagchi

Students: Aritra Mitra, Amritha Prasad

Representative Publications

  • A. Mitra, J. A. Richards, S. Bagchi and S. Sundaram, “Resilient Distributed State Estimation with Mobile Agents: Overcoming Time-Varying Measurements, Communication Losses, and Byzantine Adversaries’.” Autonomous Robots, 2019.

  • A. Mitra, W. Abbas and S. Sundaram, "On the Impact of Trusted Nodes in Resilient Distributed State Estimation of LTI Systems", Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Miami Beach, FL, 2018 (to appear).

  • A. Mitra and S. Sundaram, "Estimating the State of a Dynamical Process using a Mobile Agent", Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Miami Beach, FL, 2018 (to appear).

  • S. Sundaram, K. Kalyanam and D. W. Casbeer, "Pursuit on a Graph under Partial Information from Sensors." Proceedings of the American Control Conference, Seattle, WA, 2017.

Keywords: distributed algorithms, Persistent intelligence, reconnaissance, resilience, situational awareness, surveillance