Assessing Security for Organizations Dealing with At-Risk Populations

Research Areas: Policy, Law and Management

Principal Investigator: Gene Spafford

Organizations that deal with at-risk populations -- including battered spouses, human trafficking victims, etc -- are themselves at risk.  They often do not have resources, funding, or personnel to adequately assess their cyber risks or to protect against them.  Their clients and staff, meanwhile, are at significant risk, including possibly for kidnapping and assault.

This project is intended to provide a baseline understanding of the needs and capabilities of these organizations, and develop a strategy to help them improve their cyber protection posture.


Other PIs: Kelley Misata (former PhD)

Representative Publications

  • Gap Analysis Identifying the Current State of Information Security within Organizations Working with Victims of Violence by Kelley Misata, PhD Dissertation.

Keywords: awareness, configuration management, risk assessment, threat mitigation