Detection and Mitigation of Distributed Attacks against the Smart Electric Grid

Principal Investigator: Saurabh Bagchi

It is critical to provide intrusion detection to the distributed electric micro grid systems. The overall intrusion detection strategy involves placing multiple detectors at different points of the system, such as, at ingress or combination points, specific hosts executing parts of the distributed system, or embedded in specific applications that form part of the distributed system. At the current time, the placement of the detectors and the choice of the detectors in any distributed system are more an art than a science, relying on expert knowledge of the system administrator. In the choice of the number of detectors, more is not always better. The extreme design choice of a detector at every possible entity of the power grid is not ideal due to the large maintenance cost for detectors over a large geographical region, the deluge of alerts, many false, that will be generated by such a large number of detectors, and the fact that these will squeeze the computational resources available to the main application.


Other Faculty: Robin Berthier (UIUC) Rakesh Bobba (UIUC)

Students: Nathan Burow

Representative Publications

Keywords: network attack, network defense, security simulator, smart grid

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