The Role of Test Administrator in Error

Research Areas: Human Centric Security

Principal Investigator: Stephen Elliott

In the Biometrics Standards and Performance Assurance (BSPA) Laboratory, we are always struggling try to find the source of biometric capture error. Looking beyond the sensor, the behaviors of humans are never constant. Previous research has been done to examine the different variables that contribute to testing error. In a biometric testing environment, many different aspects are involved. Some of these aspects include the environment, sensor, and the user. In the biometric ergonomic model, the test administrator has not been included in this equation. The test administrator may be contained within either the environment or the user.

This project involves the examination of a human test administrator and their role in data collection. My research aims to examine the types as well as the quantity of errors that test administrators contribute to data collection. My goal is to identify the most common types of test administrator error in order to mitigate them, resulting in a more successful data collection. Tools will be examined and implemented to eliminate this error as much as possible. By mitigating this error, research facilities and data collectors will be able to provide higher quality samples with a reduction of time and waste due to errors.


Students: Michael Brockly

Keywords: biometrics, errors, HBSI, test administrator

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