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Ashish Kundu - Purdue University

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Data in the Cloud: Authentication Without Leaking

Sep 01, 2010

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Assurance of authenticity as well as confidentiality of data is an important problem, in cloud computing and in third-party data distribution environments. Existing data authentication schemes for structured and semi-structured data such as trees and graphs leak information, leading to privacy and confidentiality breaches. We have developed schemes for leakage-free authentication of trees and graphs. Our schemes are provably secure and efficient. In this talk, I would present these schemes as well as describe how to address the problem for disconnected trees/graphs (forests) (e.g., a set of databases). Time permitting, we would discuss some of the applications of these schemes. Our solutions have several applications in the cloud-based service offerings such as in the database and e-mail as services, storage and distribution of healthcare and biological data, and in security of social networks.

About the Speaker

Ashish Kundu
Ashish Kundu is a Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science at Purdue
University and is affiliated with CERIAS. Ashish is as an advisee of Prof. Elisa Bertino. His research interests are broadly in the area of "how to build secure and dependable systems and services". In his doctoral thesis, Ashish is addressing the problem of "How to Authenticate Trees and Graphs Without Leaking". One of his papers related to his thesis received the Best Student Paper at the IEEE Enterprise Computing conference in 2006. Prior to joining Purdue, Ashish was a Research Staff Member at IBM India Research Lab for about five years. At IBM Research, Ashish worked on distributed and pervasive systems. He has been (co-)inventor in several patents. He has also been awarded with the IBM Bravo award as well as two IBM Plateau awards for his contributions.

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