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Tejashree Datar - Purdue University

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Yahoo! Messenger Forensics on Windows Vista and Windows 7

Nov 06, 2013

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The purpose of this study is to identify several areas of forensic interest within the Yahoo! Messenger application, which are of forensic significance. This study focuses on new areas of interest within the file structure of Windows Vista and Windows 7. One of the main issues with this topic is that little research has been previously conducted on the new Windows platforms. Previously conducted research indicates the evidence found on older file structures, such as Windows XP, as well as outdated versions of Yahoo! Messenger. Several differences were found within the Yahoo Messenger's registry keys and directory structure on Windows Vista and Windows 7 as compared to Windows XP.

About the Speaker

Final year PhD student in Cyber Forensics in College of Technology. Completed my under graduate studies in India in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering. Completed my Masters from Oklahoma State University in Telecommunications Management. Got interested in the filed of Digital Forensics in my last semester at Oklahoma State University after taking a course in Digital Forensics. Area of interest is social networking in teens, forensic investigation.

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