Vaibhav Garg - Indiana University

Vaibhav Garg

Oct 31, 2012

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"Risk perception of information security risks online"


Perceived risk is informed by a myriad of affective
assessments, nine of which have been examined rigorously for offline
risk decisions. Is the risk voluntarily taken? Is the impact of the
risk immediate or delayed? Does the individual understand the
implications of the risk? What is the perceived effectiveness of
expert systems/judgments? Does the risk appear controllable? Is the
risk new or old? Is it commonly encountered or rarely available? Does
it impact individuals or communities? How severe are the consequences
of risk taking behavior? This research examines how these nine
dimensions inform perceived risk and decision-making online. Further,
I examine how the determinants of perceived risk are impinged by
context and individual awareness.

About the Speaker

Vaibhav Garg is a final year doctoral candidate at the School of
Informatics and Computing (SOIC), Indiana University, Bloomington
(IUB). His research agenda has two core areas. The first focuses on
individual decision-making and leverages social psychology and
behavioral economics. While his focus has been security and privacy
decisions online, the research has design implications in other
domains such as health decisions. Secondly, his research examines
cyber crime, both organized and individual, through theoretical
macroeconomics as well as macro econometrics with both situated in a
rich tradition of criminology. This informs the design of both public
policy and technical systems, by regarding online decisions as
situated in community norms.

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