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Sencun Zhu - Pennsylvania State

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Towards Event Source Location Privacy in Wireless Sensor Networks

Mar 26, 2008

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For sensor networks deployed to monitor and report real events, event source location privacy is an attractive and critical security property, which unfortunately is also very difficult and expensive to achieve. This is not only because adversaries may attack against sensor source privacy through traffic analysis, but also because sensor networks are very limited in resources.

In this talk, we will discuss the techniques we have developed for enhancing source location privacy in sensor networks under a global adversarial model. Specifically, we will propose the notion of statistically strong source anonymity, where carefully chosen dummy traffic will be introduced to hide the real event sources. In addition, several privacy-preserving mechanisms will be employed to drop dummy messages on their roads to the base station to prevent explosion of network traffic.

About the Speaker

Sencun Zhu is an Assistant Professor at Department of Computer Science and Engineering and College of Information Sciences and Technology, Pennsylvania State University. He received the PhD degree in Information Technology from George Mason University in 2004. Prior to that, he received the M.S. degree from University of Science and Technology of China in 1999 and the B.S. degree from Tsinghua University in 1996. His research interests include network and systems security with focuses on ad-hoc and sensor network security, software security, and P2P security. His publications and professional services can be found in

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