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Sep 30, 2009

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"Starting Over After A Lost Decade, In Search of a Bold New Vision for Cyber Security"


Starting Over After A Lost Decade, In Search of a Bold New Vision for Cyber Security: It is not enough to develop a comprehensive cyber security program that exists in isolation from the world beyond the cloud and the cables. We have to understand the political, economic and social environments that impact our ability to deliver security, as well as our own organizational cultures. We cannot wage a 21st Century struggle for hearts and minds with a 20th Century world-view anymore than we can wage a 21st Century struggle to secure information and systems with 20th Century technology. A bold new vision is needed, one that is holistic and evolves out of transformative metaphors that reframe our concepts about security.

About the Speaker

Richard Power, an internationally recognized authority on Security, Intelligence and Risk, has conducted executive briefings and led professional training in over forty countries, and been widely quoted in the world news media. Power is the author of five books, including Secrets Stolen, Fortunes Lost: Preventing Economic Espionage & Intellectual Property Theft in the 21st Century and Tangled Web: Tales of Digital Crime from the Shadows of Cyberspace. He is also writes a regular column for CSO Magazine. Prior to CyLab, Power was Director of Security Intelligence for Deloitte and Editorial Director of Computer Security Institute.

Unless otherwise noted, the security seminar is held on Wednesdays at 4:30P.M. STEW G52 (Suite 050B), West Lafayette Campus. More information...

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