Ed Finkler - Purdue University

Sep 06, 2006

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"A Multi-layered Approach to Web Application Defense"


Defending against attacks on a web application is by nature is complex process, one that must address everything from coding practices to user management to network architecture. This talk will describe a number of techniques that, used in concert, will make your web app a much tougher cookie to crack. Primary focus will be on open-source "XAMP" setups, but the concepts should be applicable to most other systems.

About the Speaker

Edward Finkler is the Web and Security Archive Administrator for CERIAS. He is a member of the PHP Security Consortium, and on better days thinks of himself as an expert in web application security and interface design. His most recent project is PHPSecInfo, a PHP environment security auditing tool.

Unless otherwise noted, the security seminar is held on Wednesdays at 4:30P.M. STEW G52 (Suite 050B), West Lafayette Campus. More information...

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Our annual security symposium will take place on April 7 & 8, 2020.
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