Haotian Deng - Purdue University

Jan 09, 2019

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"CEIVE: Combating Caller ID Spoofing on 4G Mobile Phones Via Callee-Only Inference & Verification"


Caller ID spoofing forges the authentic caller identity, thus making the call appear to originate from another user. In this paper, we propose CEIVE (Callee-only inference and verification), an effective and practical defense against caller ID spoofing. It is a victim callee only solution without requiring additional infrastructure support or changes on telephony systems. We implement CEIVE on Android phones and test it with all top four US mobile carriers, one landline and two small carriers. It shows 100% accuracy in almost all tested spoofing scenarios except one special, targeted attack case.

About the Speaker

Haotian Deng is a forth-year PhD student from the department of computer science. His advisor is Prof. Chunyi Peng. His research interests are mainly on mobile networks.

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