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George Heron - McAfee

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Secure Virtualization

Oct 24, 2007

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The potential for security to be tightly integrated into virtual machine technology is an exciting prospect. Not only does virtualization offer IT departments the opportunity to reduce costs, but it also offers increased agility. Now that application vendors are coming to understand the benefits of virtual machine technology, the technical world has also started to take note of supplementary services, such as security products and functions, which can also reside in these virtualized environments. Heron will discuss the future of security in virtualized environments and how IT professionals can take a Security Risk Management (SRM) approach to securing their virtual machines.

About the Speaker

George Heron is the Chief Scientist for McAfee and is responsible for providing senior technology leadership in the company, optimizing technology synergies across all security product lines, and identifying new business opportunities in promising emerging technology and security trends.

Prior to joining McAfee, Heron was Chief Technology Officer at SafeNet where his focus was in bringing advanced technologies and partners together with company initiatives, and contributing insight about technology trends and new product opportunities in VPN, wireless, Internet and electronic security fields.

Heron has over 30 years of management experience in software design, development methodologies and testing. He specializes in leading-edge networking and security technologies and has numerous successes in bringing new information security products from initial concept to final product launch. Heron holds an engineering degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology and has completed advanced studies in business management and computer science.

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