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Chet Hosmer - Python Forensics, Inc.

Students: Spring 2023, unless noted otherwise, sessions will be virtual on Zoom.

Forensic Identification of Fake Digital Photographs

Oct 09, 2019

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The global impact resulting from the distribution of doctored digital photographs has reached an epidemic proportion. These digitally altered photos are distributed through social media, news outlets, traditional web resources and are making their way into the mainstream media. The impact of these photos can dramatically change the way people think, act, react, believe and can ultimately cause harm. At the simplest level they represent visual fraud.

During this presentation, I will convey real examples along with the resulting impacts that have already occurred.

Most importantly, I will demonstrate a new methodology rooted in the dark art of steganography that can actively identify these fraudulent photos and even trace their origins back to their creators.

About the Speaker

Chet Hosmer is the Founder of Python Forensics, Inc. a non-profit organization focused on the collaborative development of open source investigative technologies using Python and other popular scripting languages. Chet has been researching and developing technology and training surrounding forensics, digital investigation and steganography for decades. He has made numerous appearances to discuss emerging cyber threats including National Public Radio's Kojo Nnamdi show, ABC's Primetime Thursday, and ABC News Australia. He has also been a frequent contributor to technical and news stories relating to cyber security and forensics with IEEE, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Government Computer News, and Wired Magazine.

Chet is the author of Seven recent Books: PowerShell and Python Together – Targeting Digital Investigations, Defending IoT Infrastructures with a Raspberry Pi; Passive Python Network Mapping; Python Forensics; Integrating Python with Leading Computer Forensic Platforms; Data Hiding which is co/authored with Mike Raggo; Executing Windows Command Line Investigation, which is co/authored with Joshua Bartolomie and Ms. Rosanne Pelli.

Chet serves as a visiting professor at Utica College in the Cybersecurity Graduate program where his research and teaching focus on advanced steganography/data hiding methods and the latest active cyber defense methods and techniques. Chet is also an adjunct professor at Champlain College, where his research and teaching focus on applying Python and other scripting languages to solve challenging problems in digital investigation and forensics.

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