Simson Garfinkel - The Boston Globe

Dec 11, 1996

"Absolute Identification in the Information Age"


Absolute Identity. From fingerprints and voiceprints to Netscape "cookies," Simson will discuss the trends in personal identification and tracking and the implications for democracy in America. Will absolute identity create a new world of absolute accountability? Or will new controls be created to selectively destroy information after it has been collected?

Garfinkel will present a 45 minute talk, to be followed by audience discussion. He is collecting ideas and positions for a forthcoming book on this topic, and welcomes audience input.

About the Speaker

About the author: Simson L. Garfinkel is a columnist for HotWired and The Boston Globe, a contributing writer for WIRED Magazine, and the co-author (with Gene Spafford) of
Practical UNIX and Internet Security. He is presently driving across the United States with his wife Beth and child Sonia, where he will spend a semester in residence at the University of Washington as a visiting scholar.

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