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The Center for Education and Research in
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Kristin Heckman - MITRE

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Active Cyber Network Defense with Denial and Deception

Mar 20, 2013

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In January 2012, MITRE performed a real-time, red team/blue team cyber-wargame experiment. This presented the opportunity to blend cyber-warfare with traditional mission planning and execution, including denial and deception tradecraft. The cyber-wargame was designed to test a dynamic network defense cyber-security platform being researched in The MITRE Corporation’s Innovation Program called Blackjack, and to investigate the utility of using denial and deception to enhance the defense of information in command and control systems.

The Blackjack tool failed to deny the adversary access to real information on the command and control mission system. The adversary had compromised a number of credentials without the computer network defenders’ knowledge, and thereby observed both the real command and control mission system and the fake command and control mission system. However, traditional denial and deception techniques were effective in denying the adversary access to real information on the real command and control mission system, and instead provided the adversary with access to false information on a fake command and control mission system.

About the Speaker

Kristin E. Heckman, D.Sc. is a Lead Scientist at The MITRE Corporation with interdisciplinary skills in computer science, cognitive science, neuropsychology, and cognitive neuroscience. She has ten years of experience in applied research, serving as the principal investigator for MITRE Innovation Program research projects or as the project leader for sponsored work across the Intelligence Community. Her research areas include intelligence interviewing, deception detection, subconscious priming, perception, denial and deception in computer security, and the psychophysiological and neurological signatures of emotions, intent, and deception. She has authored several papers, a book chapter, and a book. She has developed and delivered training in these areas for internal MITRE Institute courses, as well as for external courses in sponsor environments. She was an adjunct faculty member of The George Washington University from 2005-2007, teaching Computer Science Senior Design. Dr. Heckman received her Doctorate of Science in Machine Intelligence and Cognition with minors in Neuropsychology and Developmental Psychology from The George Washington University in 2004.

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