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Is it time to add Trust to the Future Internet/Web?

George Vanecek - Futurewei Technologies

Feb 01, 2012

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The future web, and Internet, are undergoing a humanization of their technologies which increasingly make their services more personalized, individualized and transparent. This is jointly fueled by the inexpensive yet easily accessible huge computing and storage capacities in clouds, the adoption of personal, mobile smart devices used across consumer/enterprise interchangeably, and the emergence of personal agents and services attaining personalized perception of the real-world and its control on behalf of the users. In this human/machine convergences, trust is being recognized as potentially playing a huge role in addressing future human/machine security, commerce and social on-line issues. However, trust has been adopted only partially and independently by certain services and not made integral in the fabric of the Internet or the web.

This talk explores the technical and social issues for the establishment of a ubiquitous trust network in the Future Internet. The talk reviews necessary technologies from the Semantic Web, Intercloud, and broader Identity methodologies, and provides a number of use cases for how the Future Internet would benefit from the trust network.

About the Speaker

George Vanecek, Jr., PhD
is a senior principal researcher at Futurewei Technologies in Santa Clara Center of Innovation conducting exploration research and innovation projects in the areas of middleware services supporting IoT and sensor networks. Vanecek has extensive experience in designing and building software systems, mobile applications, and cloud services platforms as a solutions architect at Cordys, a chief scientist at AT&T Internet Platforms Organization, founder, lead architect and developer at several software startups, teaching at Purdue University CSD and conducting research at NIST and IBM.

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