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The Center for Education and Research in
Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS)

Mark McGovern - In-Q-Tel

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Security Seminar

Mar 26, 2003


This talk will provide an overview of the challenges that In-Q-Tel is
committed to solve and the types of technologies that we are pursuing. An
appropriate title for the briefing might be, "Unusual Problems Demand
Unusual Solutions".

Intelligence is a fast moving, data intensive, winner-take-all business in
which accuracy, security and close coordination are essential. In-Q-Tel's
goal is to ensure our nation's intelligence activities have access to the
latest technologies and the advantages they offer. In-Q-Tel is a private
venture capital company that works exclusively for the CIA and the
Intelligence Community. We are not part of the CIA and we are not a
government agency. Our position linking the public and private sectors gives
us the access and flexibility to accomplish our mission: to leverage the
resources of the private-sector's efforts and deliver mission-critical
technologies to the CIA.

Driven by this vision of the future and insight into the CIAs needs,
In-Q-Tel seeks out and invests in leading edge technologies under
development by start-ups, established companies, universities and national
and private labs-most of which have never worked in the government market
before. We help mature technology solutions and prepare them to succeed in
the market. But most importantly, we deliver new capabilities that will help
contribute to realizing the Intelligence Community of the future.

About the Speaker

Mark McGovern leads In-Q-Tel\'s mobile technology program. He has extensive
experience developing and deploying secure systems. Prior to joining
In-Q-Tel, Mr. McGovern was Director of Technology for Cigital Inc.. He led
Cigital\'s software security group and supported a Fortune 100 clientele that
included Microsoft, MasterCard International, CitiBank, Symantec, CheckFree,
the UK National Lottery and the Federal Reserve Banks of Richmond, New York
and Boston. Earlier in his career, Mr. McGovern worked for the Central
Intelligence Agency (CIA). As an agency engineer, he developed a wide
variety of systems to support CIA activities. In addition to these
experiences, Mr. McGovern has assisted the American Red Cross in designing
computer and communications systems to support disaster service efforts. He
has adapted submarine technologies for use in \"Star Wars\" missile defense
systems, designed and built equipment for use on NASA\'s space shuttle, and
developed software models to predict intercontinental ballistic missile
trajectories. Mr. McGovern holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from
Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an M.S. in Systems Engineering from
Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

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