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Daniel Shoemaker - University of Detroit Mercy

Students: Spring 2024, unless noted otherwise, sessions will be virtual on Zoom.

Secure Sourcing of COTS Products: A Critical Missing Element in Software Engineering Education

Mar 27, 2024

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The aim of this discussion is to publicize both the challenge and potential solution for the integration of secure supply chain risk management content into conventional software engineering programs. The discipline of software engineering typically does not teach students how to ensure that the code produced and sold in commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products hasn't been compromised during the sourcing process. We propose a comprehensive and standard process based on established best practice principles that can provide the basis to address the secure sourcing of COTS products.

About the Speaker

Daniel Shoemaker
Dr. Dan Shoemaker received a doctorate from the University of Michigan in 1978. He taught at Michigan State University and then moved to the Business School at the University of Detroit Mercy to Chair their Department of Computer Information Systems (CIS). He attended the organizational roll-out of the discipline of software engineering at the Carnegie-Mellon University Software Engineering Institute in the fall of 1987. From that, he developed and taught a SEI-based software engineering curriculum as a separate degree program to the MBA within the College. During that time, Dr. Shoemaker's specific areas of scholarship, publication, and teaching centered on the processes of the SWEBOK, specifically specification, SQA, and SCM/sustainment. 

Dr. Shoemaker's transition into cybersecurity came after UDM was designated the 39th Center of Academic Excellence by the NSA/DHS at West Point in 2004. His research concentrated on the strategic architectural aspects of cybersecurity system design and implementation, as well as software assurance. He was the Chair of Workforce Training and Education for the DHS/DoD Software Assurance initiative (2007-2010), and he was one of the three authors of the Common Body of Knowledge to Produce, Acquire, and Sustain Software (2006). He was also a subject matter expert for NICE (2009 and NICE II – 2010-11).  Dr. Shoemaker was also an SME for the CSEC 2017 (Human Security).

This exposure led to a grant to develop curricula for software assurance and the founding of the Center for Cybersecurity and Intelligence Studies, where he currently resides. Dr. Shoemaker's final significant grant was from the DoD to develop a curriculum and teaching and course material for Secure Acquisition (in conjunction with the Institute for Defense Analysis and the National Defense University). He has published 14 books in the field, ranging from Cyber Resilience (CRC Press) to the CSSLP All-In-One (McGraw-Hill). His latest book, "Teaching Cyber Security" (Taylor and Francis), is aimed at K-12 teachers.

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