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The Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS)

The Center for Education and Research in
Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS)

Frederick Scholl - Quinnipiac University

Students: Spring 2022, unless noted otherwise, sessions will be virtual on Zoom.

Cybercrime: A Proposed Solution

Mar 31, 2021

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Modern cybercrimes are responsible for $400B dollars of losses on an annual basis. Headlines appear regularly announcing major breaches. Yet few people and businesses understand what happened in such incidents and how to avoid being a victim themselves. The security industry does provide analyses of breach statistics, but effective preventative measures can be lost in the numbers. Virtually all breaches result from technology failure combined with people failure.

This presentation will look at actual recent cybercrimes in order to document what happened and what could have prevented that incident. Who carried out the breach? What did they do? What was taken? How could it have been stopped? What was the story behind the breach? Attack types include ransomware, business email compromise, intellectual property theft and breach of Personally Identifiable Information. By being more familiar with current successful threats and breaches you will:

· Be able to avoid high risk activities, if possible

· Be able to be better prepared to stop such an attack against you or your organization

· Be able to optimize security spending and resources for actual attack patterns

This presentation is designed for both security professionals and business professionals who want to better secure their assets and processes against the increasing number of cyber criminals.

About the Speaker

Frederick Scholl

Frederick W.Scholl is an accomplished global information security risk manager with a unique record of accomplishment in business and technology.  He is one of the few people in the cybersecurity industry with business experience from start-up to board member, and security experience from practitioner to manager.  He is now Cybersecurity Program Manager and Associate Teaching Professor at Quinnipiac University.  He started the online Cybersecurity Master’s degree program there in 2018.  Dr. Scholl earned a BS and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.  He completed an Internet Law Program from Harvard and holds CISM, CISSP, ITIL and CHP security certifications. He is listed in 2020 “Who’s Who in America”.

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