Dave Keppler - MITRE

Oct 01, 2008

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"Resilient Systems for Mission Assurance"


The ability for information services to continue operating despite attacks is a core enabler of mission assurance goals. Existing security techniques lack this concept of resilience and are inadequate for protecting critical services and data against targeted attacks by sophisticated adversaries. Widely implemented signature and anomaly-based detection techniques fail to keep pace with the advancement of attacker sophistication.

Our objective is to develop and prototype resilience techniques that make applications impervious to the damaging effects of attacks without relying on identifying and filtering specific attacks. We employ effects-based countermeasures to impart resilience to applications, creating an environment inhospitable to attack goals, and countering previously unknown attacks on service utility, in particular, code injection and data subversion.

About the Speaker

David Keppler is a Senior Information Security Scientist in the Information Assurance division at The MITRE Corporation. At MITRE, David has participated in several research projects in information security, including projects on assured information sharing, active worm defense, and attribute-based access control. He currently leads a MITRE Sponsored Research project that is investigating techniques to nullify vulnerabilities in software applications via diversification and obfuscation. Prior to joining MITRE, David worked for the Air Force Research Laboratory. He received a B.S. and M.Eng. degree in Computer Science from Cornell University.

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