Danny Smith - Sun Microsystems

Danny Smith

Nov 06, 1998

"Secure Application Design"


This presentation examines current and future network security models and looks at how application design must change to adapt to future requirements. Some features of secure application design and practice are identified, with an examination of the tools used to develop common applications. In particular, this presentation will touch on some of the security facilities of Java.

About the Speaker

Danny Smith is currently employed as a Security Architect for the Security Technology Engineering group of Sun Microsystems. Prior to joining Sun Microsystems, he formed the Australian Computer Emergency Response Team and was their Technical Director for five years. Before that, highlights of his career include chairing the working group that developed Access Control for the X.500 Directory Service standard and working in the United Kingdom doing research work into Directory Services and Electronic Messaging systems. Throughout his career, he has maintained his work in security.
Danny's involvement with computer security over the last 15 years includes consulting, vulnerability analysis, cryptography, penetration studies, intrusion detection systems, education, and incident response. He has provided consulting and education in many countries, and has lectured for a number of Universities.

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