Richard Stotts, Jerome Webb & Matthew Beebe - United States Air Force

Richard Stotts, Jerome Webb & Matthew Beebe

Oct 04, 2000

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"Richard Stotts, Jerome Webb & Matthew Beebe"

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About the Speaker

Colonel Richard Stotts Bio

Jerome Webb

Mr. Jerome A. Webb is Chief of the Air Force Information Warfare Center\'s Computer Threat Analysis Section (AFIWC/IOAIC). IOAIC\'s mission is to provide threat data for the Air Force\'s Computer Network Operations mission, through the real time analysis of computer intrusions and development of a threat warning capability to protect against future intrusions. Mr. Webb is recognized as one of the leading authorities of computer-based threats in the Department of Defense. He is a council member of the Joint Information Warfare Threat Analysis Working Group and part of the working committee responsible for writing the National Intelligence Estimate for Defensive Information Warfare. He has written dozens of papers on computer threat issues.

Mr. Webb began his civil service career in the Foreign Technology Division (FTD), Wright-Patterson AFB immediately after his graduation from the University of Michigan in December, 1980. After serving as a photo interpreter at FTD for five years, Mr. Webb left civil service to become a commercial cartographer. He reentered civil service in 1989 as an imagery analyst for the 544th Intelligence Squadron at Offutt AFB, where he became an expert on strategic defensive air-to-air missile systems. In 1991, he accepted a position with IOAIC as a computer threat analyst. He assumed the role of Section Chief in 1996.

Mr. Webb claims San Antonio as his home. He shares most of his spare time with his children and two shelties. His favorite hobbies are biking, reading, and \"surfing the web.\"

Matthew Beebe

Capt Matthew Beebe is a Countermeasures Engineer at the Air Force Information Warfare Center at Kelly AFB in San Antonio, Texas and serves as the program manager for the Automated Security Incident Measurement (ASIM) program. As such, Matt has responsibility for the development, sustainment and deployment support of the entire Air Force network intrusion detection system infrastructure.

Over the last two years Matt has spearheaded the efforts to upgrade the Air Force\'s IDS system from ASIM 2.0 to ASIM 3.0, a multi-million dollar program encompassing over 150 systems deployed worldwide. With the upgrade to ASIM 3.0 and the new Common Intrusion Detection Director System (CIDDS), the Air Force has a state of the art, hierarchical network security monitoring infrastructure which provides commanders and decision makers with unparalleled cyber-situational awareness. Matt is a native of southeastern lower Michigan and is a graduate of Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan

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