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Matt Dimino - Eskenazi Health

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State of Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Jan 31, 2018

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The public health sector cannot deliver efficient and safe patient care without digital interconnectivity among devices. If the healthcare system is connected, but insecure, the interconnectivity could betray patient safety, subjecting patients to uncalculated and unnecessary risks with insurmountable costs, including death. Our nation must realize the dangers imposed on patients due to the reliance on interconnectivity amongst devices and information systems. Healthcare delivery organizations are often seen and titled as safe places, places for healing, and places we trust. These entities are a repository for our most sacred personal information as well as a harbor for some of the most technologically advanced equipment; thus they have become easy targets for threat actors.
Real cases of protected health information theft, ransomware, and targeted nation-state hacking prove that our nation's healthcare systems, data, devices, and reputation are vulnerable. This presentation aims at depicting the current state of cybersecurity in healthcare delivery organizations as well as at understanding the main threats organizations face, discussion the ecosystem, industry-specific pitfalls, and the patient health attack model.

About the Speaker

Matt Dimino is on a mission to help our nation's healthcare and public health sector critical infrastructure recognize and prepare for tomorrows cyber threat landscape. Mr. Dimino works as an imaging engineer at Eskenazi Health, an adjunct professor for IUPUI and as a researcher and consultant for a non-profit public health and safety organization. Mr. Dimino has a BS in Healthcare Engineering Technology and an MBA, he has attained IT industry certifications such as CCNA, Network+, Healthcare IT, CSA+, and has completed formal cyber security and ethical hacking training. Motivated by work that makes a difference, Mr. Dimino is proud to continue research and development in the domains of training, testing, mitigation, and cyber threat avoidance strategies with a goal of disseminating cyber threat information. ​

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